My name is JF Gagne and I’m a serial entrepreneur in the software industry. I was CEO and founder of Element AI founded in Montreal in 2016. (acquired by ServiceNow in 2021 ). I had previously built and sold 2 AI companies, Logiweb and Planora, and spent 3 years as a VP and then Chief Innovation and Products Officer of JDA. After three years at JDA, I went back to entrepreneurship and soon founded Element AI with a few of my long-time collaborators to transform traditional organizations that are not yet engaged in “big tech”. In my spare time, I am a drummer, olympic weightlifter, cyclist, hockey player, father, mentor, wine lover, and a terrible cook.


Previous Companies and Positions

Logiweb, Founder and Director of Products (2002-2007)
Logiweb was my first company at 21, launched out of the optimization work I was doing at RONA (who then became my first client).
Planora, Director of Products (June 2007-July 2012) and CEO (June 2009-July 2012)
Planora was my second company, combining Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, and Applied Mathematics to improve the critical processes of workforce management. We sold to RedPrairie in 2012.
RedPrairie, VP Center of Excellence (July 2012-January 2013)
As part of the deal with RedPrairie, we set up a Montreal-based Center of Excellence to continue applying the leading research in Advanced Analytics and Optimization.
JDA, Chief product officer (Jan 2013–Aug 2014), Chief Innovation Officer, Head of JDA Labs (Aug 2014–Aug 2015)
When RedPrairie was acquired by JDA, I became the youngest C-Suite executive for a top-20 SaaS company in the world. With them, I got to work on the industry’s broadest portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations, and all-channel commerce solutions. Together we built an outstanding team of engineers and researchers for JDA Labs in Montreal.
Real Ventures, Entrepreneur in Residence (Oct 2015–Jul 2016)
Transitioning out of life at JDA and looking into the next project, I joined up with my earliest investors at Real Ventures as an entrepreneur in residence. Here I found my collaborators to launch Element AI.
Element AI, CEO and co-founder (Jul 2016–Mar 2022)
Service Now, Head of AI product management and strategy (Jan 2021–Mar 2023)
I helped with the Element AI teams and products integration, I created the AI product teams and developed the 3 years AI strategy for Service Now.

Boards and Associations

WEF Young Global Leaders (2019-present)
Joining the 1,300 current and past public officials, business innovators, artists, educators, technology developers, journalists, and activists.
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Member of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (2017-2020)
The European Commission has tasked this 52-expert group with drafting recommendations on future-related policy development and on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, and it serves as the steering group for the European AI Alliance.
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Member of Canada’s Economic Strategy Table on Digital Industries (2017-2019)
These tables will help guide the Government of Canada in its efforts to provide relevant and effective programs for Canada’s innovators.
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Board member of Calcul Quebec (October 2017-2021)
Calcul Québec is an organization that stems from an Inter-Institutional Agreement among Québec universities striving to provide their researchers with the best-advanced research computing resources possible.
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Mentor, FounderFuel (Jan 2011-2020)
I joined FounderFuel as a mentor in 2011 and love helping tech entrepreneurs build their ventures from the ground up. Great, thriving community.
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OmniRobotic helps manufacturers of high mix products robotize their operations.
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Imagia is scaling up an AI-driven collaborative discovery ecosystem to deliver impactful products and services for personalized healthcare.
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AlayaCare is a revolutionary cloud-based software platform for home care agencies looking for innovation and efficiencies across the entire agency.
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Wirkn is the easiest way to discover and apply to local jobs, no matter where you are.
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At the forefront of AI innovation since 2001.
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Other Projects

Mat Chivers: The First AI-Created Sculpture (via Element AI) 2018
“What comes out the end isn’t just an average of the data — it’s a new interpretation. The comparison between thinking and imagination is unavoidable. Does the fact that an AI imagined the form of the work raise questions of authorship and, as a consequence, sentience?” – Mat Chivers.
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